Personnel Insurance

Personnel Insurance


  • Group Personal Accident

The policy provides compensation to the insured through the payment of pre-specified benefits in the event of accidental death as well as permanent or temporary disablement. The policy may be extended to include a limit of cover for medical expenses incurred in connection with the accident. The insured may also select the extent of protection required on a geographical basis and operative time basis.

  • Group Health

Indemnity to the insured is provided in respect of medical expenses incurred in using medical services. Various packages are available to meet the specific requirements of the insured, although arrangements may also be make to design bespoke schemes.

  • Group Life Assurance

This group policy provides compensation in the form of a lump sum in the event of death of a group member.

  • Group Travel

Amongst other features the policy provides cover against medical and other expenses, cancellation charges, baggage and money and Personal Accident benefits while travelling on business. The protection is arranged on an annual open cover basis that generally operates subject to declarations in arrears.

  • Income Protection

This policy is designed to provide a regular income to the insured if he becomes disabled and is unable to continue to perform his employment duties.

  • Retirement Planning

Flexible group insurance savings plans are available allowing for retirement savings. In most cases such schemes allow control over nature, frequency and quantum of investments.